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A taxi software application appears on the phone
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A taxi software application appears on the phone

A taxi software application appears on the phone, very normal, too much mobile phone application, which application. Taxi software rapidly, but not normal things; Or in other words, only in the case of a taxi became a big problem to normal. China city taxi is subject to purchase license management style, many cities have taxis hard, this is the reason why a taxi software unusually hot.

My city, because of the taxi too qiao, so refuse, detours, carpooling, etc., have become common, not because of the riding distance passenger, driver, and complaining all the way by the driver, was also at any time. Taxi driver also fuelling, said heavy taxes, work tired, black car and more.

This is all thanks to the taxi of strict management. Managers like the care of the interests of the citizens and taxi drivers, people and the driver but didn't get what benefits. Management in reducing and eliminating a taxi on what is the effective way to hard, really rare to see. Is nothing but fight to, standardized management, etc., does not relieve the taxi shortage caused by the tension and increase the taxi, and are set to diluted earnings of the taxi, thus cannot face the pay for the license of the taxi industry. In guangzhou and introduced the on-call, through a unified platform calls for car, basically is better than nothing, peak season all the drivers in nearby soliciting, how do you recruit, recruit less than.

Solve management while taking a taxi there is no trick,mobile softwar but in a taxi stop software, is there a way to. A taxi software has become a taxi "artifact", to say the truth, rather than general exchanged between demand and supply of information, as passengers said voluntary price and purchase to more opportunity to take a taxi. Many places to stop a taxi tariffs as the function of software, it is enough to make "artifact" divine lost much.

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